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Sending money outside the UK

Whether you're looking to purchase a car from abroad, pay bills on an overseas property or send money to relatives abroad, our range of International Payment Services can provide you with the most suitable method of sending money overseas.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The quickest and most secure way of sending money outside the UK.

Key features

  • Payments can be made in a wide number of currencies
  • Funds can be electronically transferred to most bank accounts across the world
  • No maximum transfer balance.
  • Our fee for this service is £19.50*

* When you are sending money outside the UK or in a foreign currency you'll pay our fee, and the person receiving the payment pays all other charges. This may result in the person receiving the payment receiving a lesser amount than you have sent, or these charges may be debited from their account separately.


The table below tells you the maximum time the payment will take to reach the other person’s bank provided you have given us the instruction on a working day before the cut off time.

Currency and destination Maximum delivery times
Euros to the EU, EEA, Monaco, Switzerland or San Marino Next working day
Sterling, Swiss Francs and any other EEA currency to any EU or EEA country 4 working days
Any other currency to non EU and EEA European countries, North America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the Far East 4 working days
Any currency to any other countries 14 working days

How to send funds electronically

To make sure funds are received as quickly as possible you will need the following information:

  • The recipient's Bank Identifier Code (BIC). This is a code by which the beneficiary bank is identified throughout the world
  • The recipient's International Bank Account Number (IBAN). This is a code by which the recipient's account details are recognisable and is used for transfers between member countries in the EU and EEA and certain other countries such as Andorra, Bahrain, Georgia, Greenland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Moldova, Monaco, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates.
  • You'll also need the beneficiary's name and address, and their bank name and address if you are sending it to any other country
  • Once you have this information give us a call on 0345 609 4343 to arrange sending the funds overseas.

Foreign Drafts

Foreign Drafts are cheques payable in the local currency and can be paid into bank accounts abroad in the same way as any other local cheque.

Key features

  • Available in a wide number of currencies
  • Maximum amount is the equivalent of £5,000 sterling
  • The foreign draft will be sent to your home address by second class post.
  • Our fee for this service is as follows – up to £50 - £6 fee, between £50.01 and £5,000 - £15 fee

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