Receiving money from outside the UK or in a foreign currency

Our payment service can provide you with the most suitable method of receiving money from overseas.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The quickest and most secure method of receiving currency and pounds from outside the UK is through electronic links between banks.

How to receive funds electronically

To make sure funds are received as quickly as possible, ask the sender to instruct their bank to make the payment payable to the name your jar is held in with Intelligent Finance. They will need the following information:

  • Beneficiary's full name
  • Beneficiary Bank Identifier code (BIC): LOYDGB2L
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN): you can find this number on any of your statements
  • Full bank name and address: Intelligent Finance, PO Box 890, Leeds LS1 9UG
    Sort code and jar number that the payment is to be applied to.

Foreign Cheques

Cheques in foreign currency can be deposited into your Intelligent Finance plan.

You can pay in:

  • Pension payments from abroad
  • Salary cheques from overseas earnings
  • Gifts from abroad
  • Sale of foreign shareholdings.

Fees apply to this service. Please see interest rates, charges and important information (PDF, 2.6MB).

How to pay a foreign cheque into your jar

Ensure the cheque:

  • Is made payable to Intelligent Finance and your full name
  • Is written in the currency of the country in which it is payable
  • Has your jar number and name written on the back.

Post your cheque to: Intelligent Finance, PO Box 890, Leeds, LS1 9UG.