All current accounts are now closed and we no longer offer current accounts to new customers. If you have a question or require support for a current account you previously held, please contact us.

About arranged overdrafts

An arranged overdraft can be used as a short-term safety net. You can use it to borrow money for any unexpected bills or payments. The amount you can borrow is agreed with us in advance and you’ll only pay interest on your arranged overdraft balance if you use it.

Features and benefits:

  • Only pay when you use it - Setting up an arranged overdraft is free and you’ll only pay interest on your arranged overdraft balance if you use it.
  • Managing your arranged overdraft - You can reduce, remove or apply to increase your arranged overdraft by calling us. Bear in mind that you must repay anything you owe if you want to remove an overdraft, or repay any amount above the new reduced limit you want. This application won't affect your credit score.
  • Tools to help you decide - You can check your eligibility and calculate the cost of an arranged overdraft using the tools provided below.
  • Receive text message alerts - If we have a mobile number for you, we’ll help you keep an eye on your balance with text message alerts.

About unarranged overdrafts

An unarranged overdraft is an overdraft that hasn’t been agreed with us in advance. If you don't have enough money in your current account to make a payment, we may let you borrow through an unarranged overdraft or refuse to make the payment. Missing payments and using an unarranged overdraft can damage your credit score, so please get in touch with us as we may be able to help.

All overdrafts are subject to our assessment of your circumstances and are repayable in full on demand. You must be aged 18 or over to apply.

If you’re looking to borrow money, it is important you compare and choose the right options for you based on your circumstances.

No unarranged overdraft interest, fees or charges apply.

Making sure you get a fair deal

We want you to find a product that's right for your circumstances, which is why we adhere to the Standards of Lending Practice, which are monitored and enforced by the Lending Standards Board.

To find out more you can read the statement of responsibilities, which details what's expected of us, the lender and you the borrower.