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What you need to do

With a few simple precautions, you can ensure that the risk of your financial information being fraudulently obtained by a third party is kept as low as possible

  • Keep your plan security code, your online password and your Intelligent Finance user name safe and secret. Don't write them down and don't choose anything too obvious for your password - use our Password hints and tips
  • Keep a close eye on your online plan. If you spot anything suspicious, contact us immediately at or 0345 609 4343
  • Make sure you use effective anti-virus and appropriate malware detection software. You can find out more about this on our Viruses and malware page
  • Always ensure you log out from your plan when you've finished online, by using the "log out" button. Be particularly careful if you use a PC in a public place - for example, internet cafes or airports
  • Never leave your PC unattended when logged in to your plan, especially without a screen lock. We recommend that you log out if you leave your PC unattended
  • When logging in to your plan, make sure that no-one can see what you're typing
  • Never respond to emails that request you to reply with your security details, including those that appear to be from Intelligent Finance
  • Remember that protecting your plan security code, passwords and customer identification number is your responsibility.

Password hints and tips

Being careful about the password you pick can make it much harder for automatic password detection software to seek out your password:

  • Don't ever use your own name, or the name of a favourite football team, child, pet, partner or friend
  • Don't use a word which you would find in a dictionary or a proper noun without amending it in some way
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers.

How do I remember my password?

One way of doing this is to think of a memorable word then change some of the letters into numbers.

For example, you could choose the word "swooning", then replace an "o" and an "i" with the digits "0" and "1" - "swo0n1ng". This means you should be able to remember the password - but it will still be very difficult for someone else to guess.

Please do not use the above example as your password!

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