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Managing your mortgage payments

If you are finding it difficult to make mortgage payments there are ways we can support you. Please contact us on 0800 028 4347.

Payment holidays

We are no longer offering payment holidays for Covid-19 related reasons. However, if you're currently taking a payment holiday, you may be able to extend it when it ends.

Extensions to payment holidays must follow straight on from your current one and must end by 31st July 2021. In total you can take a maximum of 6 months payment holidays.

Find out more about your options when your payment holiday ends.

Important Information

It's important to note that the amount you owe will go up as we'll still charge interest for the duration of your payment holiday.

You'll need your 10-digit mortgage account number. You can find this in Online Banking or on any letters you've had from us about your mortgage.

We'll send you a letter to confirm the start date of your payment holiday.

You should apply for your payment holiday extension at least 5 days before your monthly payment is due to re-start. This is because we can only offer a payment holiday extension if it runs straight on from your current one.

How do I apply for an extension to my payment holiday?

Mortgage payment holidays can help with a temporary reduction in outgoings. However, your mortgage balance will increase and you will pay more over the term of your mortgage. So it's important that you only apply if you're currently having difficulties making your mortgage payments.

If you still want to apply, we're currently dealing with a much higher number of phone calls than usual, so you may find it quickest to ask for a payment holiday online.

If you need independent help and advice, you can get free advice from an agency such as Citizens Advice, Step Change Debt Charity or National Debtline and also at the Money Advice Service's coronavirus support hub.

Before you apply you'll need to use our payment holiday impact calculator, which will show you how taking a break from your payments could affect your mortgage and how much you pay each month. It's important you understand the impact a payment holiday could have on your mortgage before asking to take a break from your payments.

Payment holiday impact calculator

What are my options after a payment holiday?

When your payment holiday ends, the amount you pay each month will go up. This new monthly amount is to cover the interest charges and payments you missed while you took a break.

We'll write to you before the end of your payment holiday to confirm your new monthly amount. We have some options to help you catch up.




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