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Using your Visa debit card outside the UK

You no longer have to tell us when you are travelling abroad. Our fraud and security systems are always on the lookout for suspicious activity on your accounts.

We always advise customers to have a range of payment options when travelling abroad. For maximum convenience you should take your debit and credit card and a small amount of currency and travellers cheques when travelling abroad.

When you use your Intelligent Finance Visa debit card abroad and make transactions other than in pounds, the amount of each transaction is changed to sterling on the date we take it out of your current account jar. This may not be the same date that the transaction is carried out. The exchange rate we use will be the Visa payment scheme exchange rate. We'll charge a non sterling transaction fee of 2.25% of the amount of each foreign currency transaction. We'll also deduct a foreign currency purchase or foreign currency cash fee of £1.50 for each transaction.

The table below shows you the cost of spending or withdrawing €100 abroad using your Intelligent Finance Visa debit card *.

*The exchange rates used were the applicable rates for transactions processed on 4th June 2018.  

  Purchase Cash withdrawal **
Original transaction €100 €100
Payment scheme exchange rate 1.13837 1.13837
Conversion to sterling £87.84 £87.84
Foreign currency transaction fee £1.98 (2.25%) £1.98 (2.25%)
Foreign currency purchase fee £1.50 N/A
Foreign currency cash fee N/A £1.50
Final statement amount £91.32 £91.32

Our exchange rates for debit card transactions are determined by the payment scheme provider for the card. For further information and other exchange rates and currencies see Visa. For travel money, the exchange rate is determined by us.

Other fees, charges and interest may apply. Please refer to Interest Rates and Charges for more information **This example assumes you allow us to convert the transaction from foreign currency to sterling. If you choose to allow the provider to convert the transaction to sterling, they may make a separate charge for conversion.

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