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Re-activate your online access

Completing re-activation process – This is only required if you have been locked out of your account online and have been issued with a new security code.

Step 1: The following information will be required before commencing the re-activation process.

You will require:

  • your username
  • your ten digit Customer Identification Number
  • your new 4 digit plan security code
  • your Surname and Postcode

Step 2: Commencing re-activation

Log in to the Intelligent Finance website. Please do not use any links or search engine tools, simply type into your browser.

Select re-activation. (This is located underneath the re-activation instructions)

  • Enter your username and click on continue.
  • Input your 10 digit Customer Identification Number
  • Input your 4 digit plan security code.
  • Input your surname ensuring case sensitivity
  • Input your postcode

Please ensure surname and postcode details i.e. upper and lower casing match name and address details as shown on your security code letter.

Step 3: Setting security details

Now select a new password. Your password must be at least 6 characters long, and should contain letters and/or numbers but no spaces (this information is case sensitive). Click on continue

We'll ask you a few security questions, and to create a security question of your own. Each time you log on, you'll need to answer one of these, as an extra safeguard to your plan.