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July 2015 – Standing Orders and Future Dated Payments

A reminder about payment of Standing Orders/Direct Debits/Cheques/Future Dated Payments

We make payments from your account shortly after midnight at the start of the due date. If your payment date falls on a non-working day, then we will try to collect your payment the next working day.

If you don’t have enough funds in your account at this point to make a payment, we will try to make a payment again after 2.30pm the same day. This gives you the chance to put extra funds into your account so that we can make the payment. The money needs to be available to use straight away, so you could transfer money from another personal account you have with us via Internet or Telephone Banking.

If you do not have enough funds at the beginning of a day to make a payment:

• You have until 2.30pm to pay money into your account to make the payment that day

• If a payment takes you into any type of overdraft, you have until midnight to pay money into your account to avoid overdraft fees and charges.

Standing Orders and Future Dated Payments

If the money isn’t in their account on the day it is due, we will try again after 2.30pm and if still no funds a final attempt is made at mid-night.

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