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October 2017 - Notice of Change to our Online Security Policy

We take your online security seriously. As part of our regular review of website security we’re taking steps to improve our authentication process.

What is changing?

The login process will be moving from the current one-step to a two-step process.

We will be updating our password policy and guidelines and, if your password no longer meets our new guidelines, we will be asking you to update your password.

We will soon stop using security questions as part of our login process and we will be asking you for a different type of memorable information before you login.

Please note these changes will take place over the coming months.

What does this mean for you?

From 16 October 2017 a new temporary screen will be presented to you after you have successfully provided your existing security information on the log-in page. The page will provide you details of the changes being made and it will be shown to you until you have been transferred to the new security policy. Once you have been transferred to the new policy the page will no longer be displayed.

Please be assured that your account remains secure and you don’t need to take any action until prompted. Always remember it is important you protect your personal details and keep your information safe. Please do not share your passwords or memorable information with anyone else.

Our staff will never ask you to divulge your information.

If you are worried that someone else may have acquired your password or memorable information please call us on 0345 609 4343.

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